Why You Should Swap Your Daily Commute For A Swegway

The Swegway, or segway hoverboard as the internet has affectionately named them are the latest craze in a rapidly growing industry called eco-tech. Since their introduction to the market earlier this year, they have generated hundreds if not thousands of sales from all across the world. Apart from being stylish and having superior functionality, the scooters are planet friendly. Here are some of the eco benefits of Swegways that you should know and why you should ditch your morning commute for one of these bad boys!

Swegway Australia
Taking a break from Swegway cruising.


Swegways are powered by a rechargable lithium-ion battery which powers two independent gyroscopic motors. The user controls each motor through pressure sensor pedals located on the top of the board. By simply tipping your feet forward or backward the rider is able to move comfortably in each direction. Turning is just as easy with more pressure being applied to one foot than the other which initiates a turn. While quality can vary dramatically depending on parts, most swegway suppliers claim they have a range of 20km and can reach top speeds of 12-15km p/h. Some swegways also come with energy efficient LED lights for night riding, and even Bluetooth speakers! With such an impressive range, the swegway is perfect for inner city residents who may currently drive the short distance to work. No traffic, no stress trying to find a park, and best of all, no pollution!

No Emission of Pollutant Gases

Other modes of transport such as cars and buses emit harmful chemicals into the environment and this causes massive environmental degradation. This is because they rely on natural fossil fuel such as diesel and petrol. Despite the fact that new technological innovation have led to development of fuels that are more efficient, they still cause environmental pollution but at a lesser magnitude. On the other hand, Swegways run on batteries and do not emit any gases into the atmosphere no matter the amount of weight on it.

Swegway City
Riding swegway in the city

Reduces Carbon Footprint

According to a recent study conducted by EPA, over 900 million car journeys are done per day. Surprisingly, most of these journeys are less than five miles or even shorter and cars release carbons into the environment every time. By investing in a self-balancing scooter, you will reduce your carbon footprint, as you will not have to drive your car around as often as you are used to. They are ideal for short journeys such as going to the shopping centre. Plus if you have solar panels on your home where you charge your swegway, you can claim 100% sustainable travel as you don’t have to rely on coal power plants to generate charge for your battery!

Uses Renewable Energy

Unknown to most people is the fact that not only cars and industries emit carbons and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. Energy manufacturing plants that rely on fossils such as coal release a huge chunk of pollutant gases that aggravate the current effect of global warming and climate change. One of the best ways of preventing this is by investing in gadgets that will not only make your life easier but also promote environmental wellness. Swegways rely on renewable energy; the batteries can be recharged repeatedly before been disposed. There are also companies with the technology required to recycle the batteries instead of disposing them ensuring any wasted materials can be recovered.

Finally, Swegways have a compact design that make it possible for users to pack it almost anywhere and avoid traffic jams. If everyone was to use it, the common traffic jams that cause massive pollution in cities would be a thing of the past, plus you get to turn the boring daily routine into something a bit more fun! Start promoting environmental wellness today by investing in this state-of-the-art self-balancing scooter.

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