New Inventions to change the Future of Dentistry

Technology is advancing and at a very fast rate. Just 30 years ago the inventions we enjoy today seemed too unbelievable to exist so soon. It didn’t however take us long to get to where we are today. Dentistry has not been left behind when it comes to new inventions.

There have been a number of recent groundbreaking dental inventions that have greatly improved the way people take care of their teeth. However, there are still a number of challenges the dentistry field face to bring the benefits of these inventions to the masses. We discussed the future of dentistry with Boronia’s most renowned dentist – Dr. Dorairajan Kulandaivel.

Below are just a few of the incredible advances in dentistry that are set to change the future of dentistry.

teeth laserLaser Dentistry

The majority of people fear going to the dentist for one primary reason: the drill. This fear doesn’t really even make sense because when dentists use a drill, the patient under anesthesia is not able to feel any pain. The vibrations can still be felt however and this may be part of the reason why many people are terrified of dentists.

Laser dentistry will solve this problem. With this technology, the drill will be able to be done away with. This technology is able to prepare the outside parts of the teeth better for filling or crowning so the filling is able to stay on the tooth longer. The challenge that comes with this technology advancement however is cost. It is an expensive form of treatment. This is something that should be changed so that everyone can afford to access this service.

Digital Radiography

Radiography is a necessity in the medical field. However, large amounts of radiation pose a great risk to human health as these can lead to cell damage. For this reason it is very important for dentists to minimize the amount of radiation they expose to their patients.

New technologies are focusing on digital radiography. This is a type of technology that utilizes a miniscule amount of radiation but does not in any way compromise on the quality of scans that are achieved. This will not only pose less risk to the patients’ health but it will make dentist’s work easier as they will only be required to get one scan for their analysis.

dental xrayDigital Records

The other example of the advances in technology that may really help in dentistry is the use of digital records. Today, patients need a place where they can access their dental records in a matter of seconds either through email, on a website or even on social media. This is something that can only be achieved through digitization of records. Gone are the days when patients waited for hours for their records on paper to be located in order for them to receive treatment. With digital records, things are able to move faster for both the dentists and the patients.


Some of these advances in technology have already been integrated in some dental facilities while others have not. Cost is usually the deciding factor and in many smaller clinics or in poorer areas technology is lagging.

To ensure everyone has access to the latest in technology it will be necessary for the cost of implementing these new technologies to be reduced. We can only hope that this happens sooner rather than later to ensure the best dental care for patients all over the globe.

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