Benefits Of Vinyl Records Have Over MP3

Even with the advanced technology in the music industry, vinyl records have not changed a lot over the last six decades. What has been impressing about this format is the way it has withstood the test of time. Who would have thought that people would come to love vinyl records even with the modernised forms of music formats such as the mp3? This can be seen from the recent reports of vinyl sales in the Australian music market. In the year 2014, vinyl sales increased by a whopping 127 per cent. In the recent stats, the sales increased by more than 30 per cent. A good example of a global trend is that Aussie stores that sold 277,767 vinyl albums in 2014 and this increased to 374,097 in 2015. Vinyl record player sales are also increasing.

Vinyl Records Collection

But why are people opting for vinyl instead of modern form such as MP3?

Benefits of Vinyl Records have Over MP3

Sound Quality

There is a strong believe among the music lovers that sound from this old format is superior to the MP3. Some listener may not notice that there is a big difference in the quality of sound between the two formats. For the MP3, the technology used is its undoing when it comes to sound quality. It works by compressing the data to create more space. That is what interferes with the quality of the sound from this format. Even with its old technology, music sound better. It produces a smooth sound free of distortions. This has been one of the reasons why many people are opting for records.

Style and Presentation

Stencil on Beatles Vinyl RecordOne thing that is exciting about the vinyl records is how they are presented. If it is anything about style, it cannot compare to any. They are beautifully presented in nice cardboard sleeves with a large and detailed photo of the artist and a great sense of artwork. If you order the record, it may be delivered with your details on it. These are features that excite some of the vinyl listeners. When compared to MP3 or the digital formats, there is no sense of style to excite the listener. There is nothing physical apart from a picture on the screen while playing.

Physical Copies

This is one of the biggest benefits of vinyl records over wireless technologies like MP3 or digital files. One of the main flaws of the digital files is that they can get lost any time. It is very easy to erase a file by mistake on the computer. Similar, you can lose your digital storage such as the USB or the USD-cards very easily. What if your computer system crashes? It will go together with your music files. These are some of the reasons why listeners are opting for the physical copies. With a vinyl record, your music collection is safe from such damages. In fact, you are guaranteed decades of music as long as the disc is properly kept and maintained.

Fun and Coolness Factor

It feels great to listen to the old format. There is that fun and cool factor about playing this music, particularly cuing it up and watching as it spins in the background. A lot of the listeners describe it as warm and satisfying music. In fact, this is the kind of the music that will give you that magic feel, especially when listening alone.

These are the main factors that are informing the rise in vinyl record demand in Australia and world at large. They are benefits that are making the 6-decade technology popular even with the young generation. In Australia, vinyl market is also expected to rise as the turntables make a massive comeback into the market.

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